​Creative  Inspiration 

Jerry L. Wood, Stone Carving

Featured sculpture

​Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, Jerry L. Wood has always had a love for the vastness of the region, as well as the beauty all around. 

The inspiration for Jerry L. Wood's artwork is derived from the experiences of being raised in the Rocky Mountains, whether it is landscapes or wildlife. 

Each medium lends its own magic to the creation of his artwork. In his stone carvings, Wood said "The forms are held within the stone waiting to be released. It is a dance of labor and love, fatigue and fascination as the image emerges. Only by participation in this dance can the beauty of the stone be brought forth for all to see."

Two's the Limit is carved from Italian Translucent Alabaster. It has been excepted into the year's Western Spirit Art Show in Cheyenne. The piece comes with a lighted pedestal.