Jerry L. Wood stone sculptures for sale

Shipping not included

Two's the Limit,

Italian Translucent Alabaster,

Dimensions: H-20" W-15" D-11"

Comes with 36" lighted


Veiled, Marble, $850

Dimensions: H-9" W-6" D-3"

Eagle Egg,

Colorado Alabaster $620

Dimensions H-8" W-6" D-4"

A Mother's Love,

Translucent Alabaster, $775

Dimensions: H-10" W-6" D-4"

Aerial Ballet,

Angelfire Alabaster, $2,375
Dimensions: H-19" x W-10" D-5"

Round About Trout. Italian Blue Ice Alabaster


Dimensions: H-15, W-12, D-10

Greets the Morning,

 Utah Alabaster, $2,630.
Dimensions: H-18" W-6.5" D-10"

Emerging Freedom

Colorado Alabaster,

Dimensions: H-14" W-15" D-3"


Blue Alabaster, $935

Dimensions: H-8" W-7" D-5"

Inside Out, Black Soapstone, $1,800
Dimensions: H-9" W-7" D-7"

Got Honey?

Marble, $225.

Dimensions: H-6.75" W-4.8" D-.75"


Colorado Alabaster, $1,410
Dimensions: H-14" W-10" D-4"


Translucent Italian Alabaster; $4,200 

Dimensions: H-19"  W-14" D-9" 

Floral Finesse,

 Utah Alabaster, $2,295.
Dimensions: H-17" W-10" D-6"

Swan, Marble on Barn Wood, $185.00

Dimensions: H-15, W-9, D-1

Alternating Current

Italian Translucent Alabaster,

Dimensions: H-7" W-12" D-4"

Buff, Marble relief in wooden frame $600.00

Dimensions: H-13, W-9, D-1.5


Colorado Alabaster, $1,230

Dimensions: H-16" W-11" D-7"


Utah Peach Alabaster, SOLD
Dimensions: H-8" W-6" D-1.6"

Birdwoman, Angelfire Alabaster, $2,375

Dimensions: H-19" W-10" D-5"

Ride the Wave,

Colorado Marble, $9,660

Golden Moments

Costa Rican Alabaster; $3500

Dimensions: H-18"  W-6" D-5" 

Morning Stretch,

Utah Translucent Peach Alabaster,

Dimensions: H-12.6" W-7" D-6"